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Using HubSpot to Track ROI for Your Digital Marketing

Posted on May 9, 2019 | Kayla Millie

Do you want to learn how to track the ROI of your digital marketing? If you answered yes, HubSpot has all the data you need. ROI is an important factor in your marketing strategy, and many businesses struggle to determine the ROI of their digital marketing efforts. With HubSpot, you can track your ROI, host your website, manage and nurture your contacts, and more in one easy to use system.



Part of what makes HubSpot so beneficial for businesses is the amount of data that the platform collects and makes available to you. Other website hosting platforms like WordPress, pale in comparison to HubSpot in terms of security, analytics, and user experience.

Some of this data might be more pertinent to you than others, and this depends on what your business marketing KPIs are. KPIs, or key performance indicators, are the metrics that let you know how successful or how poorly your efforts are working. You can imagine how KPIs come into play when tracking your digital marketing ROI. When you have a clear idea of what key performance indicators are important to your digital marketing efforts, you'll be able to easily determine how successful your campaigns are, and how much return on investment your efforts will bring.


Using HubSpot Data to Track ROI

Data should be the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. When you make analytical-based decisions, you are guiding your budget on sound decision making. While there are many different analytics tools you can choose from to track your digital marketing, HubSpot is arguably the most inclusive and user friendly. With HubSpot, the data you have access to is endless, letting you measure your entire marketing funnel, from acquisition to close with just a few clicks.

How you use the data HubSpot gives you to determine your ROI is up to you. For example, if you are spending a portion of your digital marketing budget on social media management, and want to see how many new leads are coming from your social posts, then you should take note of the social media analytics HubSpot provides. If you are running PPC campaigns and want to know if visitors who click your ads immediately bounce off your page, or keep exploring your content, website data could be beneficial to you.

We've summarized most of the data that HubSpot provides that is relevant to digital marketing performance, so you can get an idea of how HubSpot helps you track your ROI.



If you're thinking of switching your website hosting platform over to HubSpot, you're making a great choice. HubSpot has many benefits built into its' website hosting service, from a built in SSL, to analytics capabilities that rival Google Analytics.

Webpage and Landing Page Performance

HubSpot is a superior website hosting platform, and lets you analyze your website and landing page's performance. Here are just a few important data points you can gather from HubSpot's Website Performance tab:

  • Website Sessions - View your website session sources, new visitors, sessions by source, session engagement rates by source, device breakdown, and session country.
  • Visitor Engagement - Lets you see how website visitors engage with your site, including page bounce rate, page views per session, and average session length.

You can also see how many contacts were gained from each traffic source and page on your website.


Social Media

If you're posting on social media, as every small business should, you need to be posting strategically and analyzing your content for success and room for improvement. It can be hectic checking each social media platform's analytics, especially if you have a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Luckily, HubSpot allows you to not only post your content to each synced platform, but it also gives you unmatched insight into your individual post and social media page performance.

Social Media Performance

    • Social Audience - You can check on the way your social media audience interacts with your content. HubSpot will show you the likes or follows for each of your social media pages, as well as any contacts that come from social media.
    • Social Content - HubSpot records the exact performance of your published posts, audience interactions, clicks, and shares, post impressions, and even sessions to your website from social.



If you're a believer in inbound marketing like we are, you know that content is a key piece of your marketing pie. Not only does HubSpot give you a seamless platform to manage your content, but it allows you to track how visitors to your website interact with it.

HubSpot shows each blog post's performance, as well as your overall blog performance for any selected time period. With HubSpot's content management system and content analytics, you can easily analyze your content strategy for wins and opportunities.

Content Marketing Performance

    • Overall Blog Content - You can check out your blog's total views, CTA clicks, and subscribers, and click-through rate. Under the Analyze tab under your portal's main menu, you can even explore different reports for your overall blog. If you're interested in finding out the average amount of time users spent reading your content, your average bounce rate, and how many entrances to your website came from blog content, these analytics can be helpful to you.
    • Individual Blog Posts - HubSpot allows you to look at the individual performance of each blog post. You can look at views, new contacts, bounce rate, time spent on the page, and even enter and exit rate.

Fun fact: HubSpot even allows you to view the search queries that signaled to google to pull your blog in the search results. If you want to learn how important keywords are to your content strategy, check out our blog on how to use keywords create SEO friendly blogs.



Email marketing is one of many ways to nurture potential customers, and continue to delight your existing customer base. In a perfect world, you'd know when a customer opens your email, how much they read, where they click, and if that email affected their purchase decision. Well, HubSpot is near perfect.

One of the best HubSpot platform perks is the email marketing capability. Not only can you easily design and customize emails, but you also get specific details about the way your email list interacts with your content.

Email Performance

  • Email Performance - HubSpot gives you your email's open rate, click rate, and delivery performance. You also have access to what is called an HTML click map, which shows you where people who opened your email clicked at in your email. Even better, you have access to how much time users spend reading your email, what email client they viewed the content on, and what links each contact clicked.
  • Overall Email Performance - If you head over to the Analyze tab under Email, you have access to your overall email marketing performance. HubSpot ranks your email performance on a scatter plot on the following metrics: Nailed it (high opens/high clicks), low opens/high clicks, high opens/low clicks, and low opens/low clicks.
  • Workflow Performance - If you have your emails set up as part of a workflow, you can analyze the number of contacts enrolled in your workflow, and even set goal-conversion rates that align with your sales process.


If you want to see more ways to track marketing ROI, check out our free ROI inbound marketing calculator tool.


Whether you're a business owner or the head of your marketing department, tracking ROI can be an intimidating task. You want your digital marketing efforts to be successful, but sometimes defining that success isn't clear cut. Luckily, HubSpot's user-friendly interface makes it easy to access all the data you need so you can analyze your digital marketing efforts, and clearly track your ROI.


If you want to see double-digit growth, contact The Diamond Group. As a HubSpot Agency Partner, we believe in the inbound methodology. We are a digital marketing group that offers supercharged website design and inbound marketing solutions to maximize your businesses potential. Whether you need a custom web design, a full inbound marketing strategy, or just want double-digit growth, The Diamond Group has your back.



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