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Orthodontist marketing agency for growth

We've spent the last two decades refining and perfecting an orthodontist marketing system that attracts, engages and retains loyal patients. Our system provides long-term sustainable growth that delights patients and turns them into raving fans.
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Why The Diamond Group?

Patients have changed the game. They are firmly in the drivers seat and the methods they use to find and select a dental practice have moved almost entirely online.

77% of prospective patients start their search for an orthodontist online. 80% of the buying decision will happen before they ever talk to you. Patients are judging your website, your online reviews and your social presence. If you don’t meet their expectations, they’ll find another dentist who does.

The Diamond Group has a system that captures these patients at the exact moment they are looking for you online. 

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Dental Marketing Guide: A playbook for growth

Learn the essential skills needed to build momentum, define your sales journey and handle the pressure of business growth.

Dental Marketing Guide A Playbook for Growth

Let’s grow your business together.

Take The Practice to New Heights

We systematize orthodontist practices, and streamline their sales and marketing so they achieve scalable, sustainable growth. Our system allows orthodontists to eventually sell their practice, or to scale and pass down a legacy practice to their family.

Systematize. Streamline. Scale.

Build a website that patients want to visit

Patients visit orthodontist websites to get information and to schedule appointments. Make it easy for them to do that with a super-fast, mobile-friendly design. Create content to help patients take better care of themselves. Add the communication tools that patients want to use like live-chat, text and instant messaging. 

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SEO for Orthodontists

Make your practice easy to find on Google

If you're not on page one in Google, then you're essentially not on Google. Orthodontist SEO is the process that we'll use to get your practice found online. We provide a transparent process that gives you complete visibility into the results and monthly reporting is provided to keep us all on the same track.



SEO to attract new patients

Create a brand that resonates

Branding is more than just a pretty logo. It’s your story. It’s who you are. It’s your core values and your mission. We will work with you every step of the way to create your brand story. Our designers can custom create a dental logo that you will love and we will build a brand guideline to ensure consistency in messaging.

Branding - Define Your Story

And then get the word out

Google Ads

Instant Awareness. We use Google Ads to put your dental practice at the top of page one in Google for the keywords and search terms that drive the most new patients to your practice. We continuously monitor performance and A/B test landing pages and ad copy to maximize lead generation.

Social Media

Start a conversation Social media for dentists is really fun because patients have a close connection with their dentist. Patients like to engage and share content from their dentist. We post content to your social channels that adds value to the conversation and encourages personalized two way communication.

Print Ads

Reach the masses As much as we love digital and inbound marketing, print advertising is still an excellent way to reach a large portion of the community that is not actively searching online for a new dentist. We work with local magazines and direct mail operators to ensure excellent results.

Let's grow your practice together.

Case Study

Dentist website hits 300% growth

According to Google: 77% of patients start their search for a dentist with an online search. Being discovered requires search engine friendly content that is optimized for humans.

Internet Marketing for Dentists

Clients we serve

  • Laster Orthodontics
  • Williams & Daily Dental
  • Laster Perfect Smile
  • Titus Dental
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    Marketing Testimonials

    "A vast knowledge of everything marketing, website, and branding related. Kayla and Angela take the time to stay in touch with what we are up to and where we see our business going so they can help us make the appropriate branding and marketing decisions long before we make business moves. Even though we work in different places, I feel as they are an extension of my team. I can't think of one thing I have asked them for help with that they were not immediately willing to dive in to. I hope we are able to continue working together for years to come!"

    Williams and Daily Dental