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Make Social Media Work For You

Have you been told, “you need to be on social media!”, or “if you aren’t on Facebook, you’re invisible!”? While there is some truth to this it can be really overwhelming to actually implement and maintain an effective social media presence. Never mind trying to figure out what an “effective integrated omnichannel marketing strategy; engagement metrics; look-a-like audiences; content strategies; < insert industry jargon here>” even means.

When done correctly, social media marketing is an effective way to engage with your audience in an authentic and meaningful way. But you shouldn’t do it, just to do it. We can help you develop a plan for social content that fits into your overarching business strategy. And then we can help you work the plan into your day-to-day operations.

Social Media platforms promote the quality content consumers are looking for.


We’ll help you:

Use Social Media

Use Social Media Effectively

Together we will learn more about your audience(s) and the social platforms they use, build your brand voice and tone, and ensure everything drives toward your business goals.

Resources for Content Creation

Provide Resources for Content Creation

Producing quality content takes time and resources that are often in short supply for small business owners. We plan, write, and produce the creative you need to stand out in your users’ feeds.

Content Calendar

Build a Content Calendar

We plan ahead to ensure we’re posting engaging, entertaining, and informative content regularly. We also monitor comments and engagement so you can respond to your audience as they engage with your content.

Let's grow your Social Media together.

Tips for effective social media marketing:

Establish a clear purpose for being on social media and track the relevant metrics consistently

It’s important to know WHO you’re trying to reach, and WHAT you’re trying to accomplish with each social media platform you build a profile on. Ask yourself — are you aiming to build brand awareness, increase engagement with your clients or prospects, or are you selling a product or service? The answer to this question may change your overall strategy for the type of content you create.

Be Consistent

SM is about being available to and engaging with your audience in a two-way conversation. Regularly showing up on the platforms clients use builds credibility and trust, especially if you are providing authentic and relevant content to the conversation. Build a content calendar ahead of time to ensure you are posting regularly. You can always add impromptu posts as they arise.

Focus on quality over quantity

Quality content is useful, relevant, and/or informative. Be interesting. Avoid coming across as too ‘sale-sy’ in the content you create. Your brand voice and personality should shine through in the content you post, but don’t forget that people engage with content they are interested in not just because they like you. The more timely and relevant your content is, the more value and engagement you can generate.


Our Work

Social Media is just one element of an effective content marketing approach. We have provided social media, blog, and website content support to clients from a range of industries. Take a look at some of the artwork we have produced to launch new brands, celebrate milestones, and other help our clients engage with their audience(s).


Client Testimonial

Marketing Testimonials

“We have been using The Diamond Group services for over 4 years. They provide marketing services, including our social media platforms, website support, HubSpot support, and multiple other marketing strategies. They are an integral part of our business and we highly recommend.”

~ Beth Pickard

Clarity is King

Clarity is King.