April, 12, 2019

7 Tips for Jumpstarting PPC Campaigns

Less than half of small businesses use pay-per-click advertising (45%) with the majority investing less than 1/3rd of their marketing budgets into PPC according to a recent Clutch survey. When implemented correctly, PPC campaigns work exceptionally well. PPC advertising allows businesses to gain brand awareness, and guide highly qualified leads deep into their sales funnel. 

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March, 26, 2019

SEO vs SEM: The Battle for Web Traffic

It's easy to get SEO and SEM confused because their acronyms are almost identical, and they both involve harnessing the power of search engines. SEO is all about setting your website up for organic search engine success. SEM is SEO plus other paid tactics to get websites to the top of search engines.

Regardless of their similar names, SEM and SEO are different and require different strategies for success. When combined, both are valuable tools in the battle for website traffic. Learning the difference between SEO and SEM and how to implement both into your marketing strategy can help you get your website to the top of the SERPs.

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March, 25, 2019

How HubSpot Workflows Help Sales Teams Close Deals

The buying process has changed. Where sellers traditionally had the upper hand in transactions because of their deep knowledge of the product (you had to call a sales person to get info), buyers now rule. They can go online and find all the info they need on your product or service.

Marketing must still attract and convert these buyers but the handoff to sales is now less handoff and more two legged race. The reason is that typical buyers are not engaging with sales teams until two-thirds of the buyer's journey has been completed.

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February, 25, 2019

8 Tips for Creating the Best Social Posts for Your Dental Practice

Marketing for dentistry can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Social media platforms have many benefits, and offer a free tool for businesses, like dental practices, to engage with current and potential patients in a casual, patient-convenient setting. 

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February, 20, 2019

Digital Marketing Strategies: Short-Term vs. Long-Term

In every type of business, strategic marketing is essential for business growth. Whether you're a dental practice or a construction company, you should be investing time and energy into creating a marketing strategy that speaks to your potential customers, and brings them to your business.

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January, 30, 2019

Why Your Dental Practice Needs Facebook

Towards the end of 2018, Facebook reported that there were 2.27 billion active Facebook users on the platform, and that number grows everyday. Your patients are on Facebook, and you should be too.

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January, 14, 2019

6 Benefits of Social Media for Small Business

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest... you name it, your customers are using it. Facebook alone had 2.27 billion registered users in 2018. It doesn't matter if you are a small business working B2B or B2C, enhancing your social media presence should be a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy.

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December, 20, 2018

Digital Marketing Stats Every Dentist Should Know

As digital marketing becomes "marketing", it is replacing many traditional forms of advertising that dentists have relied upon. (We're looking at you yellow pages). The move to digital has become increasingly competitive for dental marketers. More than 1/3rd of providers say patient acquisition is very important. In todays digital world, prospective patients have become partners in their medical journeys. Here's a look at some digital marketing stats that every dentist should know about.

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December, 18, 2018

How Keywords Create SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Keywords are the words and phrases that users type into search engines when they are searching the internet. Keywords provide clues that search engines, like Google or Bing, use to establish what your website pages are all about. Keywords can be as short as a single word, a 3-7 word phrase, or much longer. These longer keywords are known as "long-tail keywords." Long tail keywords have lower search volume, but are highly focused, meaning they typically convert well.

Once you search for a keyword or phrase in a search engine, it will try and deliver the most useful and relevant content in relation to your search phrase. The most relevant results will appear on page one, which is where you want your content to live.

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December, 13, 2018

Local SEO: How to Get Listed in Google Local Pack Results

Google Local Packs are prime real estate when it comes to being seen by a wide audience on the front page of search engine results pages (SERPs). Click-Through-Rates (CTRs) and conversions from casually browsing consumers to paying customers increase exponentially when you're listed as one of the Elite Three in a Local Pack. Of course, if it was easy to get placed in that magic box, it wouldn't be so special, right?

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