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7 Reasons to Move Your Website from Wordpress to HubSpot

Posted on October 19, 2018 | Kelley Bassett

There are a lot of reasons you might need to change Content Management Systems (CMS). Migrating your website can be overwhelming and is something many companies put off longer than they should. Getting the right CMS in place will improve your workflow and ability to grow online. Migrating a website doesn’t have to be the painful and frustrating process you might imagine. Here are 7 reasons to move your website to HubSpot.

7 Reasons to Move Your Website from Wordpress to HubSpot

HubSpot is a leader in the industry for a reason. They have created a platform designed to contain websites for businesses of all types in a secure and professional way. Migrating your website to the HubSpot CMS could make a huge difference for your company. 


1. Websites Load Faster on HubSpot

Speed is a major factor in usability. Google research shows that 2.8 seconds is the time that your website has to load before visitors start bailing out for other options. Not all content management systems are created equal and HubSpot excels at speed.

We have taken the exact same website off of WordPress and loaded it into the HubSpot CMS and seen speed increases of 6x faster. Wondering if your website is sluggish and doesn't meet the 2.8 second rule? Test your website using Google's Page Speed Insights tool.

This chart shows the average load time for websites by page size across all platforms.

Average Website load time

2. Smart Everything

Personalized marketing is a trend that is here to stay. But how do you personalize a website? When content is managed by HubSpot you can take advantages of smart CTA's and personalization like never before. This goes beyond just greeting visitors by name - Welcome back to our site Jerry! Smart content makes it possible to customize the entire website experience depending on who the visitor is and where they are in the buyer journey. This is a major advantage that HubSpot offers. 

Smart content lets you meet the buyer exactly where they are at in THEIR journey. Buyer personas are different and now the content on your website can match each buyer persona to personalize the experience for them.

Smart Content with HubSpot

3. CMS + CRM

HubSpot is an all-in-one platform that connects your content management (CMS) to your Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). Connecting your website with your contacts list allows you to tailor content, personalize offers and meet your leads where they are in the marketing funnel.

Businesses are finding that a personalized approach to inbound marketing is helping generate more qualified leads that have a real interest in the business.


4. Responsive Website Guarantee

Without question, you want your website to look just as good on mobile devices as it does on a desktop or laptop screen. With millions of people browsing their phones every day, a non-responsive design makes you seem behind the times and will turn of those who have trouble navigating it.

Many websites, products and articles are also shared on social media via smartphone, so a responsive site will increase the likelihood of those shares and exposure. With Bootstrap built into it's core, HubSpot ensures your website will be responsive on all screens.

Perhaps less well-known is that the emails are responsive-ready, too. How many times have you opened up an email on your phone and it’s been hard to read or just flat-out didn’t work? HubSpot fixes that problem - automatically.


5. Enterprise Level Security

HubSpot hosts its website on the same platform as they will host your site. With a million page hits a day there is no way they are taking a chance with their own site and they will not take any chances with yours.

HubSpot takes a number of security precautions including server hardening.

Your information is safe and available with HubSpot. Of course they use firewalls, and all of the standard security protocols but they take many steps beyond basic. For more info on their security protocol, I encourage you to view the HubSpot security page.



6. Worry Free Website Maintenance and Updates

If you've been around WordPress for more than a few minutes you know that updates are maintenance are a constant force. As all of the parts of WordPress are created separately they each update on their own schedules and those updates don't always work together. Broken sites from WordPress updates are a real thing.

Fortunately HubSpot takes all of the update worry out of the equation. They handle everything behind the scenes so updates are invisible to you and don't break your website.


7. Social Connectivity

Businesses and professionals often struggle when it comes to juggling all of the social media platforms effectively. With a variety of important platforms and differing campaigns, it can be hard to keep everything straight. But, social media is really important to your growth. Your audience is likely browsing and sharing content with their friends on those channels. In order to meet your audience where they are and improve your reach, you need to be active on social media.

HubSpot allows you to control all of your social interactions on the same dashboard where you plan your marketing campaigns and create your website content. You can set up special email alerts where people mention your company or specific keywords, allowing you to respond appropriately. This makes updating and sharing easier, and (more importantly) means you won’t miss out on an opportunity to engage followers or nurture leads.

Build on HubSpot CMS with a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency

If you are interested in learning more about moving your website to HubSpot, contact us today. We would be happy to share our 8 step website design and development process and help you see what kind of a difference the HubSpot CMS could make for your business.

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