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November, 13, 2019

The Key to Doubling Your Sales: The Third Third

What if you could double your sales in the next 90 days? Would that make an impact in your business? As a certified sales trainer and coach, I have had multiple opportunities to learn methodologies, scripts, and approaches to close. Each one of them has a slightly different angle but they all had one thing in common: creating agreements and win-win’s through a series of steps, a process.

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October, 22, 2019

Go, go, grow:  The 3 Keys of Corporate Growth

Let’s be honest, the world of business growth is not for the faint of heart. There is an ever-shifting landscape of technology, tactics, and tools. The minute we think we have it down, we finally have the magic formula for SEO, or we have a perfect website, something becomes outdated, outmoded, or just plain out. We sympathize with our corporate brothers and sisters - but we also want to go one big step beyond that - we want to arm you with a mindset that allows this ever-shifting landscape of marketing to be grounded and rooted in the thing that never changes: the need for sales.

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July, 13, 2019

The #1 Mistake Doctors Make With Patient Reviews

A patients path to purchase healthcare follows a typical buyers journey. There are three stages: awareness, consideration and decision. Patient reviews lie at the core of the consideration stage of the buyers journey. Patients are aware of your practice and are "considering" whether to commit to your healthcare services. Many potential patients look to patient reviews to understand the perception of your practice based on the experiences' of others. These perceptions will make a big difference in the number of new patients your practice will see each year.

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June, 3, 2019

5 Easy Tips for Healthcare Marketing

The way we view healthcare is changing. Each year, the healthcare sector evolves more and more to focus on the patient, and patients themselves are becoming more involved in their own well-being.

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