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October, 30, 2019

Break the Cycle - Create Your Own Economy

Tony Robbins, international coach and speaker, mentor to leaders all over the world is one of my favorites. One of the most memorable quotes he spoke at an event I attended was the following: “It is never a lack of resources that stops you from moving forward, it is a lack of resourcefulness.”

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October, 22, 2019

Go, go, grow:  The 3 Keys of Corporate Growth

Let’s be honest, the world of business growth is not for the faint of heart. There is an ever-shifting landscape of technology, tactics, and tools. The minute we think we have it down, we finally have the magic formula for SEO, or we have a perfect website, something becomes outdated, outmoded, or just plain out. We sympathize with our corporate brothers and sisters - but we also want to go one big step beyond that - we want to arm you with a mindset that allows this ever-shifting landscape of marketing to be grounded and rooted in the thing that never changes: the need for sales.

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May, 15, 2019

Success After the Sale: Making Customer Delight a Priority

It's easy to think that once you convert a lead to a customer, your work is done and you can go on celebrating; but think again. The modern way of marketing is to follow the inbound methodology. The last phase of the inbound methodology emphasizes delighting your customers post sale. By turning your customers into evangelists, you can create a marketing force of loyal, passionate fans to grow your network of customers. When you delight your customers, you increase the momentum of your sale.

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March, 25, 2019

How HubSpot Workflows Help Sales Teams Close Deals

The buying process has changed. Where sellers traditionally had the upper hand in transactions because of their deep knowledge of the product (you had to call a sales person to get info), buyers now rule. They can go online and find all the info they need on your product or service.

Marketing must still attract and convert these buyers but the handoff to sales is now less handoff and more two legged race. The reason is that typical buyers are not engaging with sales teams until two-thirds of the buyer's journey has been completed.

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