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Dental SEO: 9 Features for Your Clinic's Website

Posted on May 1, 2023 | The Diamond Group

Are you trying to attract more patients to your dental office using your practice's website? Now couldn't be a better time to take advantage of dental SEO.

Research shows that just 63% of adults in 2020 had visited the dentist within the past 12 months.

But what are the most important dental SEO features to include on your site? Let's examine nine must-have features for your clinic's website.

1. Dentist Bios

An important dental SEO feature to include on your clinic's website is a bio for every dentist at the practice.

Dentist bios can help with attracting and converting visitors by establishing credibility and trust before patients call or visit your office. When a patient knows who will be examining and treating their teeth, they'll be less hesitant about entrusting you with their dental health.

Make sure that each dentist bio includes the dentist's education and how long they've been practicing. The bio should also list the dentist's professional associations.

2. Patient Reviews

Another important dental SEO feature for your practice website is patient testimonials, which can also help with building trust.

Although prospective patients can read your clinic's reviews on Google or Yelp, they may not visit these profiles. However, if you include these reviews on your website, potential patients will be more likely to see them.

This is important given that many prospective patients won't try to contact a dental office until they've read positive reviews about them, as they trust website reviews like they would recommendations from family or friends.

So, be sure to incorporate several recent patient testimonials into your website. With a dental clinic management software program, you may even be able to automate requests for patient reviews.

3. Digital or Downloadable Forms

Yet another important dental SEO feature for your clinic's website is a digital or downloadable new patient form.

If possible, include a form on your website that patients can complete and submit online. A dental marketing agency can tie this form to a clinic management tool so that new patient files are instantly created when their forms are submitted. This will streamline your operations and save you time.

However, even a PDF form that prospective patients can print from your practice's website and fill out manually is better than not having a form on your website.

4. Page for Every Service

Your dental practice's website should also include a page for every service you provide. This will give you the SEO advantage you need to attract more potential patients to your site.

Let's say a user searches "teeth whitening in (your city)." Your teeth whitening page may show up in their search results. This means you might be able to attract more patients without spending money on advertisements.

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5. Page for Every Location

If your practice has multiple locations, each location should have its own page as well.

This will make it easier for potential patients in each city you practice in to find you when searching for a local dentist.

6. Videos That Describe Procedures

Adding videos that describe dental procedures is another way to attract visitors to your practice. You can place these videos on your site's treatment pages to ease the minds of potential patients who don't know what certain procedures involve.

By having a dentist from your practice explain procedures like cleanings, exams, and root canal therapy in videos, you can prove the dentist's experience and establish trust.

7. eBook

Another way to increase your number of patient conversions is to include a dental eBook link on your dental practice website. Your eBook may cover topics like caring for teeth while wearing braces, for example.

Users can receive this resource after providing you with their contact information. You'll then be able to maintain contact with the users with the hope of eventually becoming their chosen provider.

8. Before & After Photos

These types of photos on your website can also draw patients by showing your treatments' positive results and allowing users to imagine themselves getting these same results.

To take professional-looking photos, try to use a DSLR camera and a quality ring light. You may also want to use stainless steel or plastic cheek retractors to capture unobstructed views of your patients' mouths.

In addition, occlusal intraoral mirrors can help with capturing full upper or lower arches of teeth, as well as cheek-side images.

Be sure to get each patient's permission to post their photos before creating a gallery with their images.

9. Social Media Links and Icons

Finally, add social media links to your dental practice website's footer. This will make it easier for prospective customers to find your practice and follow it on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social media pages can generate website traffic for you, build brand awareness, and generate referrals to your practice. You can also use your social media pages to learn what services matter to your prospective patients the most. You can then promote these services more to expand your practice.

How We Can Help with Dental SEO

The top dental SEO features for your clinic's website include dentist bios, patient reviews, and downloadable forms. Service and location pages, procedure videos, and even social media links can also help you to draw and convert more visitors.

At The Diamond Group, your leading dental marketing company, we offer high-quality managed SEO and social media services. Our other services include digital marketing and web design.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services, and let's upgrade your dental website today!

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