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Best Dental Practice Management Software 2020

Posted on April 8, 2020 | Kelley Bassett

Running a dental practice is no small feat. There are countless details to keep up with - from new patient counts to cancellations and everything in between.

The dental practice management software you choose in 2020 can make the difference between an efficient dentist office and a chaotic one.

Calm or chaos effects not only your staff, but also your patients.

But selecting the right dental software can be challenging. Who has time to vet all the different programs that are out there? And there is a lot of dental software available. Some are expensive, and some are not. How do you find that sweet spot where you get the right price, with the right features and you're not paying for a bunch of stuff you don't need.

We've tried to do a lot of the homework for you. We've examined the top dental office management software and selected our favorites to give to you here. They don't appear in a particular order because every dentist is different and a dental practices needs can be unique.

All of the software on this list meets the following criteria:

1. They have at least 50 reviews with an average 4 star review or higher on Google, Capterra or Software Advice.

2. The software must be HIPAA compliant

3. They offer a robust website and/or free demo so practices can see/learn about the software without a big time investment.

So there you go, those are the ground rules. Let's get to it!

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The Best Dental Practice Management Software in 2020


Curve Dental Practice Management Software


1. Curve Dental

Curve Dental is a cloud-based dental practice management software solution designed for small to medium dental practices.

Curve Dental will help manage every facet of your dental practice, from patient charts and patient notes to patient education, treatment planning, imaging, billing, scheduling, and reporting.

Curve Dental offers an interactive interface for dental offices to process images and build charts. An included web-based dashboard allows users to view key metrics and track daily schedules. In addition the software offers practices the opportunity to build custom reports and graphs and charts that are interactive and can be shared with patients and other medical facilities.

As a cloud based solution, Curve Dental information is stored with the provider and they manage all backup and security for you. This ensures you'll never have to worry about upgrades or server maintenance.

Curve Dental is a fully HIPAA compliant solution.


  • Average User Rating on Software Advice: 4.38
  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Starts at $350/month
  • Training: In person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
  • Support: 24/7 Live Rep
  • Hosting: Cloud Based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes


Dentrix-Dental Practice Management Software



2. Dentrix

Dentrix is a cloud-based software suite for dental practices including solo practices, group practices and DSO organizations.

The interface is smart, and easy to learn and excel. On-click access to patient information and customized workflows means you'll be able to accomplish more work, faster.

Dentrix provides a full suite of patient management tools for scheduling, appointments, prescriptions, and monitoring ongoing patient care. Clinical notes can also be entered.

Users will also be able to manage their billing and accounting functions through Dentrix including insurance processing and revenue monitoring.

Financial reports can track payments, reimbursements and utilization levels. Access to the financial tools can be restricted based on permissions. Dentrix can also be integrated with other apps like Allscripts, and SuccessEHS.

Pricing for Dentrix starts at $248/month but is variable based on your practice.

  • Average User Rating on Software Advice: 4.19
  • Free Demo: No
  • Price: Starts at $248/month
  • Training: In person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
  • Support: Business Hours
  • Hosting: Cloud Based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes



Vcita-Dental Practice Management Software


3. Vcita

Vcita let's clients schedule a free consultation, book and pay for services and register for events online. Vcita is a good choice for solo practitioners looking for help managing their patient schedule.

Vcita offers a customizable scheduling page where patients can view your services and availability, as well as a personal client portal. The scheduler will connect easily to your website, your local listing, email and social media channels.

Vcita was not specifically designed for dentists, so you do not have charting and xray options that is included in most of the other software suites. This is reflected in the lower starting price point for the software.

  • Average User Rating on Software Advice: 4.45
  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: $15/month per user
  • Training: Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
  • Support: Business Hours, Online
  • Hosting: Cloud Based, Mobile (iOS, Android)
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes



Dentimax-Dental Practice Management Software


4. DentiMax


DentiMax is an awarding winning Dentist Practice Management system that will help you run your practice efficiently and effectively. It is suitable for small to midsize practices.

DentiMax is a cloud based solution, so you'll never have to worry about upgrades or servers - they keep your data secure, and the software up to date.

DentiMax is built to flow just like your practice. You can register a patient, view their x-rays while treatment planning, and have a look at their financial record. There are powerful features included, like live patient insurance updates, and patient texting. You can track employee time, integrate credit card processing, and capture e-signatures on patient release forms. They have made it easy to convert your data from other software systems.

For international clients, DentiMax offers both international and American numbering for the clinical charts.

With DentiMax practice management software, dentists can send X-rays, medical bills, prescriptions and other attachments electronically to patients. Clinics can use DentiMax's imaging tool or integrate their existing digital sensors. DentiMax supports over 25 third party sensors.

  • Average User Rating on Software Advice: 4.56
  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: $59/month
  • Training: In person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
  • Support: Business Hours, Online
  • Hosting: Cloud Based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes




ACE Dental-Dental Practice Management Software


5. Ace Dental

Ace Dental is a full-service scalable Practice Management solution offering a wide variety of features to help in the day-to-day management of a dental office.

Ace Dental is highly suited for dental offices looking for modern patient services like eReminders (email, text, voice), eRecall (email and text messages), and eSurvey that can help eliminate no-shows and drive positive reviews on Google and Yelp.

Ace Dental includes appointment scheduling with automated appointment reminders and appointment pre-blocking. The billing application includes paper and electronic management of insurance claims, payment plans and more.

The Practice Management system includes a prescription writer, integration with credit card processing, e-signatures, and reporting.

The software is fully capable of handling dentists, along with orthodontists, endodontics, oral surgery, and more. The software can be run on the cloud, or installed over a local area network utilizing a single computer. Ace Dental can also be accessed on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android.

  • Average User Rating on Software Advice: 4.71
  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: 1 user-$499, 2 users -$999,Unlimited user bundle-$3999
  • Training: Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
  • Support: Business Hours, Online
  • Hosting: Cloud Based, Windows
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes



Denticon-Dental Practice Management Software


6. Denticon

Denticon is a cloud based practice management solution that includes native analytics for real-time reporting and anytime, anywhere access to dental practice information.

Denticon was built from the ground up for multi-location practices to operate from the cloud. The practice management software is enterprise level software, best for multi-location groups, DSO's, medium sized practices and mobile clinics.

Your staff will love the instant reporting functionality, charting, embedded X-rays and the task manager. You will be able to access all patient information in one central location.

Planet DDS also offers in-house insurance verification and other transactional services to Denticon users.

  • Average User Rating on Software Advice: 4.76
  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Starting at $300/month
  • Training: In Person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
  • Support: Business Hours, Online
  • Hosting: Cloud Based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes



Solutionreach-Dental Practice Management Software


7. Solutionreach

From single user practices to enterprise size dental service organizations, Solutionreach is changing the way patients and providers work together creating loyal, long-lasting patients.

Solutionreach is a cloud-based dental practice management system. Primary features include appointment scheduling, patient access, reminders, patient education and practice marketing.

In addition Solutionreach includes follow-up reminders, practice newsletters, reputation management, patient surveys and reviews. Solutionreach can send custom text, email, and phone reminders to patients. At the end of every visit, Solutionreach can send a survey so each patient can offer their feedback.

Right patients, right message, right time. Solutionreach provides everything you need to nail every part of that equation in one solution, while also giving you the ability to improve intra-office communication and collaboration to manage it all. 

  • Average User Rating on Software Advice: 4.03
  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: $299/month
  • Training: In Person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
  • Support: Business Hours, Online
  • Hosting: Cloud Based
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes



Cleardent-Dental Practice Management Software


8. ClearDent

ClearDent is a central hub for your entire dental practice. The ClearDent solution is designed for dental offices of all sizes. The intuitive design will reduce training time, and improve staff efficiency.

Years of running a dental practice can lead to using several different solutions to perform multiple tasks. With ClearDent, you can cut that number down to one. The dental software includes billing, patient engagement, practice analytics, and much more.

Key features include perceptive scheduling, document management, dental imaging and charting and communication.

You'll be able to communicate with your patients, manage the daily schedule, and confirm with patients their appointments. The automated patient reminder system is designed to increase appointments kept and eliminate no-shows.

ClearDent offers a perceptive scheduler that color codes appointments, and keeps track of upcoming appointments, whether the patient has arrived or not, and any medication information.

ClearDent's dental imaging feature allows dentists to view digital images and tooth charts.

ClearDent runs on a Windows machine in office and is not cloud-based. Network management and software updates will be required to keep the system up-to-date.

  • Average User Rating on Software Advice: 4.44
  • Free Demo: Yes
  • Price: Not provided by vendor
  • Training: In Person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
  • Support: Business Hours
  • Hosting: Windows
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes


Jotform Enterprise

9. Jotform Enterprise

Jotform Enterprise offers you fast and efficient medical practice management by having your patients and employees complete all the necessary paperwork online. Healthcare providers trust Jotform Enterprise to create online health screenings, onboard patients, allow patients to set appointments, send out patient satisfaction surveys, and accept online payments. When you get rid of paper forms and move to digital forms, you’ll instantly improve and automate the flow of patient information.

Jotform is a fully HIPAA-compliant solution and provides the highest industry standards to help protect your information. All patient information stays safe with encrypted form data submissions and all data is restored on a dedicated server. You have complete control over who has access to your forms and data. If you’re accepting payments, Jotform Enterprise includes bank-level security.

With Jotform Enterprise, you can use geolocalization to host your account almost anywhere in the world using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Jotform Enterprise offers SAML user authentication and integrations with popular enterprise products such as Active Directory, Okta, Google, and OneLogin. Last but not least, Jotform Sign offers a solution to automating your signing processes with legally binding documents.

  • Average User Rating on Software Advice: 4.61
  • Free Demo: Free Plan available with all features included
  • Price: Not Provided by Vendor
  • Training: In Person, Live Online, Webinars, Documentation
  • Support: Business Hours, Online
  • Hosting: Cloud
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes

Choosing the best dental practice management software in 2020 is important. 

The software selection you make will have a long-term effect on the practice. It's also a good time to consider taking the next step and connecting with dental marketing experts.

With the right software keeping your practice moving in synch, you'll have time to focus on growing and scaling. This will require an optimized website built to attract new patients, and turn your current patients into brand advocates.

This is exactly what we do. Call us today at 800-928-4680, or connect with us digitally anytime.

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