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The Key to Doubling Your Sales: The Third Third

Posted on November 13, 2019 | Theresa Bassett

What if you could double your sales in the next 90 days? Would that make an impact in your business? As a certified sales trainer and coach, I have had multiple opportunities to learn methodologies, scripts, and approaches to close. Each one of them has a slightly different angle but they all had one thing in common: creating agreements and win-win’s through a series of steps, a process.

Does process matter? Yes.

Do your prospects want to be led to a solution? Yes.

How much, in fact, does it matter? A LOT. Like double your sales, multiply your conversions - exponentially grow your business...that much “a lot”.

After sitting all day at a training seminar once, I was probably struggling to stay awake - until this really started to sink in. I could DOUBLE my sales? Well, at that time, I was selling real estate and doubling my sales meant big money - a huge difference to my family, a huge difference to my company - and I wanted to learn what that was really all about it.

It boiled down to this: A third of the people you talk to will buy what you have - they researched the solution and it is a good fit for their timing, budget etc. - regardless of what you do and say, they will move forward. A similar 33% of your prospects will NEVER buy from you, no matter how brilliantly you present your product or service. For whatever the reason, they will never move forward.



Doubling your sales comes from capturing the THIRD third. This is the third of your prospective client pool that relies on the sales journey you lead them through to help them make a decision. What you do or say with this pool of prospects really matters and it opens up the world if you can craft a process of discovery that allows you to really understand what they need and whether or not you can help. Are they really ready, willing, and able? Is your service or product really a good fit for them?

At The Diamond Group, we have a system for helping clients audit this process, this journey, and make sure they are really optimizing every step and their opportunities for conversion. Mapping out a path to this segment of your prospect pool can unlock hidden sales and literally forever alter your organization’s profitability and growth trajectory.

Make sure you slow down long enough to take a look at your own process - it really can make all


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