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Day In The Life of a Marketing Agency Coordinator

Posted on April 16, 2021 | Sam Heigel

It’s Monday. The sun is shining, the coffee is flowing and you’re ready to make today an amazing day at the business you own. Whether you’re a realtor, a dentist, a yoga instructor, or a financier - you love what you do and you set out every single day to see that this business becomes the very best it can be. 

However, we all know that even though your passion and energy for your entrepreneurial journey is enough to power a small suburban city, you can’t do it all alone. 

That’s where we come in. 

Your Marketing Team

The Diamond Group is more than a marketing agency. We are a team of passionate professionals with a wealth of knowledge and history that we want to share with you! And just like your non-stop power and spirit for the future of your company, we embody that exact same mindset here, and it reflects in all that we do. 

One shining piece of our Diamond Group puzzle is the Marketing Coordinator. 

Marketing Coordinators

Our Marketing Coordinators are the right hand to our Account Manager and focuses on the day-to-day operations and expectations that we have set for the clients we serve. These unique roles are designed to function as a well oiled machine so they can be sure that at the end of the day, we have our clients expectations and deliverables on schedule to impress them and the audiences they are reaching.

To put it plainly, no two clients are alike.

Our Marketing Coordinators look at each of their clients and focus on truly developing who they are now and who/what they would like to become as their business grows. Because of this intricate relationship we develop with the teams we take care of, the Marketing Coordinator works tirelessly with the Account Manager, Creative departments, and Social Media crew to ensure we are delivering curated, business-focused marketing tools to bring the clients dream to new heights. 

From the moment we sign on to a project, we are focused on developing its audience and improving traffic to their websites, social media platforms, and ultimately the businesses themselves. 

Staying One Step Ahead

We begin each day with a look at what lies ahead: Client meetings, social calendar posting, website launches, etc. and we organize our time between upcoming and ongoing projects. You might guess by this point that organization is key for a Marketing Coordinator.

There are many moving parts to developing the needs of a client and making sure to do so in the proposed timeline so we rely heavily on our software systems that keep our multi-calendar lifestyle in check so we never miss a beat. 

Throughout the week we follow up with our fellow departments to ensure the social media posting is running smoothly (and to keep an eye out for anything that may arise and throw off our execution). These glitches can come in the form of a faulty web link, or a delayed posting - small details we always look for to guarantee our clients are receiving the highest standard of care possible. Let’s be honest - if they don’t look good, we don’t look good. 

Always Ready for Zoom

Meetings with clients are sprinkled in each and every day, based on how many clients each MC has. Whether it’s a video call, phone call, or email communication - we don’t go too long without checking in to eliminate any question that the dreams we have helped you develop are always in progress or ready to be published. These dreams come in the form of a brand new website design, a business model development, a social media marketing refresh, and more. The sky is truly the limit with The Diamond Group and our Marketing Coordinators always have an important role no matter what your imagination has in store. 

While this is really a Marketing Coordinators life “at-a-glance”, it’s hard to put in a box what this team is capable of. What I do know for sure is that we at The Diamond Group are here to super serve your future and help you grow your dream, together. 

Who We Are

The Diamond Group is growth-focused inbound marketing and website development agency that helps companies generate leads through their online presence, nurture them into opportunities, and close them into customers. We create websites and marketing plans for our clients, and we help them implement their lead generation strategies ongoing over time. The Diamond Group is a strategic growth partner to small and medium-size businesses.  We systematize inbound marketing and website development to help companies with a system that guarantees double-digit growth.  The majority of our work is in the dental, healthcare and financial industries, and we work with exciting and high-energy clients world-wide.

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