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Three Tips for 3x Goal Setting for 2020

Posted on December 12, 2019 | Theresa Bassett

We’ve all heard about SMART goals - specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time bound - but what about goals others might think are unreasonable or just downright, “not smart”? As a business owner, I’ve found there is value in setting both - goals that are “realistic” and those that you really have to stretch your imagination and capabilities to attain. They lead to different outcomes and the blend is magical!


1. Set 30 and 90-day goals for your practice that have a strong “why” attached to them - Any goal without meaningful motivation is set up to fall short, in fact those goals with the strongest drivers will always will. Before you set goals for 2020, really reflect on what matters most and WHY you want to see those outcomes. Pick your battles and only focus on the truly important, needle-moving goals that will set you and your team up for success long term.


2. Tie your shorter term goals to your bigger objective - In effect, your 30-day and 90-day goals become the lead measures that drive your annual plans. Lead measures are smaller steps you take that more naturally lead to the results you desire. For example, if you focus in on more traffic to your website, knowing that a certain percentage of visitors will reach out to your team, that is a lead measure that will naturally lead to conversations and ultimately, new patients.


3. Now triple it! 3x goals serve to really expand you and your organization - start considering what is truly possible or maybe even “impossible” and force you to start asking a different set of questions. Ultimately, what you think is reasonable becomes the limitation on your achievement so stretching way beyond your comfort zone means taking actions that are also uncomfortable. This is where the real magic lives!


December is the perfect month to reflect on the goals you set in 2019 and how you set yourself up to hit those targets. Did your practice grow the way you planned? Use that information and the tips above to tackle 2020 with new vigor - reach for the stars and you just might hit the moon.

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