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Go, go, grow:  The 3 Keys of Corporate Growth

Posted on October 22, 2019 | Theresa Bassett

Let’s be honest, the world of business growth is not for the faint of heart. There is an ever-shifting landscape of technology, tactics, and tools. The minute we think we have it down, we finally have the magic formula for SEO, or we have a perfect website, something becomes outdated, outmoded, or just plain out. We sympathize with our corporate brothers and sisters - but we also want to go one big step beyond that - we want to arm you with a mindset that allows this ever-shifting landscape of marketing to be grounded and rooted in the thing that never changes: the need for sales.

New patients, new clients, new business, new sales...no matter what label you feel most comfortable putting on it, it essentially boils down to attracting more of the right people to the service you specialize in and are striving to provide. And to get more of the right people, you have to get in front of more people in general, hopefully more of the people that are already looking for what you offer, or have at least identified a problem that you can potentially solve for them.

Jim Rohn is famous for saying that no one goes to the hardware store to buy the drill, they go to buy something that will help them get a hole so that they can hang the picture. Hanging the picture is the goal, not buying the drill. So if we dial that back, we can see that three laws emerge that inevitably drive corporate growth:

  1. Those that are crystal clear on the problem they solve, win. Is your brand crystal clear to potential buyers? If the consumer has a broken experience your businesses growth will most certainly be stalled.
  2. Those that know how to get in front of more of the people with their particular brand of problem, provide the most value to the marketplace. Is your brand consistent? Does it build customer trust, loyalty and awareness? Are you keeping up with the ever changing landscape?
  3. Those that strive to do the right thing for their client or patient, win. What goes around, comes around. Remember that the consumer journey is a Marathon not a sprint!

Essentially, clarity equals power. You can’t help but benefit from these laws operating on behalf of your business when you zero in on exactly what your value proposition is. Marketing is only as valuable as the sales ROI it creates.

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