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Data-Driven Decision Making for Higher Marketing ROI

Posted on February 19, 2020 | Theresa Bassett

It never fails to amaze me - how wrong a smart group of people can actually be.  We gather in conference rooms or at our screens to review marketing deliverables - the copy, the images, the content.  Are we saying the right thing to the right people. We are a reasonably smart group of decision makers and after many tweaks, maybe even a few overhauls, we say “yes.”  


The data, however, the feedback after launching this content, tells us something entirely different.  Maybe its the conversion rate that’s tellingly low, or perhaps it’s even the open rate on our email - perhaps the subject line just wasn’t compelling enough.  And now our “yes” starts to waiver. Sometimes our decisions are based on marketing to people that are “like us” but in fact, the persona we are working to reach is compelled by a very different message or look and feel.


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This is the beauty of our technologically-savvy digital marketing world.  It’s also what makes it all so confusing at times. Split testing digital ads, emails, or even social content can provide useful information that helps us continue to evolve the traction that we get with our marketing efforts.  To capture the true power of data-driven decision making in order to maximize our ROI, there’s a catch….you actually have to monitor the feedback loop, examine the data, and have an open mind when creating recommendations on what to do next.


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“Set it and forget it” does not work to accomplish this and yet this is exactly how many marketing teams approach their campaigns.  Sometimes this approach is even applied to their very costly PPC campaigns - allowing soaring costs to mount without even glancing and pausing to really reflect on what feedback we are getting back via the data.  Data-driven decision making means we have to be willing to slow down long enough to consider the implications of what we are seeing in the numbers.

Ask yourself these questions.

Does our copy need to be altered?

Are we speaking directly to the proper persona and target market?

Is our imagery appropriate and compelling?  

Is our brand reflected in a way that is relevant and consistent?

Are we sending the subconscious as well as the conscious signals we want to be?

Are our Calls to Action (CTA’s) clear and directly actionable?


These are all questions we should be asking ourselves about the results we see reflected in the data in front of us.  Is it an extra step? Or even several steps perhaps? Yes, absolutely, but what good is gathering the information only to have it sit on meaningless spreadsheets and bar graphs, never to really be utilized for the ROI intention it was truly intended for? Take the extra steps with your team - it will be worth the effort.


The Diamond Group can help you get to the finish line.


The Diamond Group is a strategic growth marketing agency that offers small businesses a proprietary system to create double-digit growth using inbound, content, and digital marketing, website development, and sales enablement tools.  Let’s grow better together and have a conversation.

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