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Leverage Customer Testimonials to Build Trust and Boost Roofing Sales

Posted on October 29, 2023 | The Diamond Group

In the competitive roofing industry, customer testimonials play a crucial role in establishing credibility and fostering trust. They serve as proof of your company's expertise and commitment to quality work. Potential clients are more likely to trust your service if they see positive feedback from past customers. This is because testimonials provide first-hand accounts of customer experiences, adding a level of reassurance that can't be achieved by straightforward marketing content. Moreover, testimonials can significantly boost your sales by influencing potential customers' decision-making process, making them an invaluable asset for roofing businesses.

Testimonials serve to humanize the roofing business, allowing potential customers to connect with past clients' experiences. They offer a glimpse into the service quality, work ethic, and professionalism one can expect when engaging with your roofing company. 

Testimonials can underscore your company's expertise in handling diverse projects, dealing with unexpected issues, or providing exceptional customer service. They communicate not merely the end product but the overall experience a customer had, thereby painting a holistic picture of what your roofing company is capable of delivering. For potential customers, this transparency and authenticity can significantly enhance trust, making them more inclined to choose your services.

Testimonials can help roofers boost sales by serving as effective and powerful marketing tools. They act as social proof, illustrating the quality and reliability of your roofing services through the voices of satisfied customers. When potential clients read or hear about the positive experiences of others, they are more likely to trust your business and choose your services. Moreover, testimonials can also highlight specific aspects of your service that customers appreciated, such as quick turnaround times, excellent customer service, or high-quality workmanship. By including these details, potential clients are not only informed about what they can expect, but are also shown that your company is capable of meeting and exceeding those expectations. This positive perception can lead to increased inquiries, conversions, and ultimately, sales.

How to Collect Customer Testimonials

To collect customer testimonials, you’ll have to proactively ask your satisfied customers to share their experiences. A straightforward approach can be to send a follow-up email after the completion of a roofing project, thanking them for their business and encouraging them to write a testimonial. This could be on your company's website, where a dedicated testimonial section can allow visitors to read about the experiences of others.

Furthermore, your Google Business Profile page is another excellent platform for showcasing customer testimonials. Reviews left here not only help in building credibility but also boost your visibility in local search results. Hence, urging happy clients to leave a review on Google My Business can significantly impact your online reputation and visibility.

Lastly, other online platforms such as social media sites, local business directories, or home improvement portals should not be overlooked. Direct your customers to platforms where your target audience is likely to visit. By doing so, potential clients can come across positive testimonials even when they aren't directly searching for your business, thus increasing your chances of being hired for their next roofing project.

Incentivizing Testimonials to Encourage Participation

While satisfied customers may be willing to share their experiences, sometimes an added incentive can motivate them to take the time to write a testimonial. Offering incentives such as discounts or gift cards can be an effective way to encourage customers to provide feedback.

For example, you could introduce a 'Gift Card Incentive Program.' Provide a small gift card for a popular local restaurant or online store as a token of appreciation for their time and effort in writing a testimonial. This approach not only incentivizes feedback but can also foster goodwill and enhance customer loyalty.

Remember, it's important to ensure the testimonials are genuine and the rewards are not in exchange for positive feedback, but rather for their time and effort. Transparency in this process is crucial for maintaining trust and integrity in your business practices.

Harnessing the Power of Video Testimonials

Video testimonials can be an even more powerful tool than written ones. They provide a visual and auditory demonstration of a customer's satisfaction, making the testimonial appear more genuine and impactful. In order to leverage this medium, consider asking satisfied customers to record a short video detailing their experience with your company and the quality of the roof work done.

Start by incorporating a video testimonial section on your website. This can be a dedicated page or an integrated part of the existing testimonials page. Here, customers can upload their recorded messages directly or via popular video-sharing platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. To simplify the process, provide them with a brief guide or tips on what to include in their testimonial, such as the quality of the service they received, the professionalism of the workers, or the durability of the completed roofing project.

Moreover, video testimonials can be shared on social media platforms creating an opportunity to reach a larger audience. This presence can significantly enhance your company's visibility, attracting potential customers who might be entrusting their roofing needs to you.

As with written testimonials, you can incentivize customers to record a video testimonial. However, remember that the incentive should be for their effort and time, not for a positive review. After all, the authenticity of the testimonial is what truly drives its power and influence. Through video testimonials, you can effectively humanize your brand, foster trust and boost roofing sales.

Creating Easy Testimonial Submission Forms

To make the process of leaving testimonials as easy and seamless as possible for your customers, consider incorporating a testimonial submission form on your website and social media pages.

On your website, create a dedicated section for testimonials where customers can submit their feedback directly. 

To add a testimonial submission form to your social media pages, you can use the native tools provided by these platforms. For example, Facebook has a built-in review feature on business pages where customers can leave their feedback and rate your services. Alternatively, you can use a pinned post or a specific tab to guide customers to your testimonial submission form.

Remember to keep the form simple and user-friendly to encourage more customers to leave their testimonials. After all, the easier it is for customers to share their experiences, the more testimonials you'll collect!

How to use customer testimonials in your marketing

Featuring customer testimonials prominently on your website's homepage, landing pages, and service pages can significantly boost your business's credibility and conversion rates. 

On the homepage, testimonials act as a strong endorsement for your services, backing up any claims made about your roofing expertise. Sprinkling a few powerful testimonials in between sections of your homepage can be a compelling way to let your satisfied customers do the talking for you.

For your landing pages, these are often designed for specific audiences or products. Hence, testimonials that align with the unique selling proposition of the page can make visitors more likely to take the desired action, such as filling out a form or making a purchase.

Finally, service pages should also include testimonials. For instance, if you have a specific page dedicated to roof repair services, including testimonials from customers who have availed and were satisfied with your roof repair services can be highly convincing. These testimonials serve as social proof, reassuring potential customers that your services are reliable and worth their investment.

In summary, strategically placed testimonials can create a powerful narrative about your brand and its offerings, leading to increased trust and fostering customer conversions.

Leveraging Customer Testimonials in Social Media Posts, Email Campaigns, and Print Advertising

Harnessing customer testimonials in your social media posts is an effective strategy to increase engagement and brand trust. 

Share standout testimonials on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to reach a wider audience. 

You could even create a series of "Testimonial Tuesday" posts, where each week you highlight a different customer's positive experience. Remember to ask permission from customers before sharing their testimonials publicly.

In your email campaigns, testimonials can play a significant role in reinforcing the value of your services. Include a section in your newsletters dedicated to customer testimonials, or feature them in promotional emails. This can serve as social proof that your services are tried, tested, and highly rated by real people. Ensure that the testimonials align with the content of the email for maximum impact.

Print advertising, though more traditional, remains an impactful medium for reaching certain demographics. 

Integrating customer testimonials into your print ads, flyers, or brochures can strengthen the message you're trying to convey. Remember to choose testimonials that are concise, yet powerful, as space in print media can often be limited. By featuring real customer testimonials in your print advertising, potential customers are provided with tangible proof of the quality of your roofing services, thus inspiring trust and confidence in your brand.

Creating Case Studies from Customer Testimonials

Case studies offer a proven way to demonstrate your expertise and the value your roofing services provide. Using testimonials as the basis for case studies allows you to transform feedback into compelling stories that showcase your work.

Start by choosing a testimonial that speaks in detail about a customer's problem, how your company resolved it, and the benefits they experienced as a result. 

Once you've selected a testimonial, reach out to that customer to get more information about their experience. Ask them to elaborate on the problem they faced, why they chose your company, how your services provided a solution, and the impact it had on them – perhaps they saved money, increased the value of their property, or simply have peace of mind knowing their roof is secure.

Once you've gathered this information, write a narrative that starts with the customer's problem, details the solution you provided, and ends with the results. Include any relevant photos or videos of the project, before and after shots can be particularly effective.

Publish the case study on your website, ensuring it's easy to find and read. You can also share the case study on social media, in email newsletters, and use it as a sales tool when meeting potential customers.

In conclusion, case studies based on customer testimonials are a powerful tool for demonstrating your expertise and the value of your roofing services. Not only do they tell the story of satisfied customers, but they also provide tangible examples of your work, making them an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Building Thought Leadership Through Testimonials on Your Website Blog

Sharing customer testimonials on your website blog is an excellent way to build thought leadership and position your roofing business as a trusted authority in the industry. By featuring stories of satisfied customers and their roofing experiences, you are not only endorsing the quality of your services but also providing valuable insights to your audience.

You can create blog posts revolving around customer testimonials, focusing on how you solved their roofing problems and the benefits they gained from your services. Highlight the customer's initial challenges, the solutions you provided, and the final outcome. This not only portrays your expertise in handling diverse roofing issues, but it also offers readers a real-world demonstration of your work.

Moreover, you can supplement these testimonial-based blog posts with educational content. Share your knowledge about roofing maintenance, trends in roofing materials, or how to handle emergency leaks. This adds value for readers and helps establish your blog as a reliable resource for roofing information, thereby promoting your thought leadership.

Remember to engage with your readers in the comments section to further build trust and rapport. Respond to their queries, thank them for their feedback, and encourage them to share their experiences with your services.

In essence, incorporating customer testimonials into your blog content not only serves as social proof but also fortifies your position as a trusted and knowledgeable authority in the roofing industry.

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Tips for writing effective customer testimonials

To ensure that your testimonials are specific and credible, follow these tips:

  1. Detail-Oriented: Specific details make testimonials more believable. Instead of just writing "Great service!", encourage customers to elaborate on what made the service great. Was it fast response times, high-quality workmanship, or excellent customer service?
  2. Highlight Benefits: Ask customers to focus on the benefits they received. Did the service save them time or money? Did it increase their property value or provide them with peace of mind?
  3. Use Real Names and Photos: Whenever possible, use real names and photos. This makes the testimonials more personable, relatable, and credible. Always get permission first before using a customer's name or photo.
  4. Include Relevant Information: If the customer is comfortable, include their job title or industry, especially if your services are industry-specific.
  5. Update Regularly: Keep your testimonials updated and rotate them regularly. This shows that your high level of service is consistent and ongoing.
  6. Authenticity is Key: Resist the urge to edit your testimonials. Keep them in your customers' voice, as this makes them more genuine and believable.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your customer testimonials are specific, credible, and effective in showcasing the value of your services.

Avoid using testimonials that are too generic or salesy

It's crucial to be discerning when selecting customer testimonials to showcase on your marketing platforms. Avoid testimonials that are too generic or salesy, as they can come off as insincere and might not convincingly convey the value of your services. Such testimonials often lack specifics about what made your roofing services standout and merely contain broad statements of praise. 

Instead, opt for testimonials that narrate a clear story of the customer's problem, how your services provided a solution, and the benefits they experienced. 

Remember, testimonials should be authentic reflections of customer experiences, rather than just another sales pitch.

Focus on highlighting the benefits your company provided the customer

You can look out for emotional language and vivid details to create a narrative. For example, words like satisfied, joy, gratefulness or phrases like “The contractor was punctual and reliable”. These add a personal touch to the testimonials that make them more relatable and persuasive.

In addition, you should also consider how the customer found your service. If they stumbled upon it after extensive research or heard about it through a referral, this information can be included in the testimonial too. It adds another layer of credibility to your services and reassures new customers of their decision.

Above all else, ensure that each customer’s individual experience is portrayed accurately in the testimonial as this will be viewed by prospective customers who would want to learn more about what you offer before making their own decisions.

Additional tips for roofers

Including customer testimonials in your sales presentations and proposals can significantly enhance your persuasive power by offering proof of your successful track record. 

When presenting a proposal to a potential client, paint a vivid picture of the solution you are offering by showcasing testimonials from past clients who faced similar issues. 

Highlight the challenges they encountered, the solutions you provided, and their satisfaction with the outcomes. 

You can even consider including photos or videos of the work you completed, alongside the corresponding testimonial. This will help your potential clients visualize the value you can bring, and how their own problems might be solved through your services. 

Encouraging Team Members to Share Customer Testimonials

Positive customer testimonials can serve as highly effective tools for amplifying the reputation of our roofing services. 

To reach a wider audience, encourage team members to share testimonials within their personal and professional networks. This can be done through various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or word-of-mouth amongst friends and family. 

By doing so, you not only increase the visibility of your positive customer experiences but also instill a sense of pride within your team. 

Your team's active participation in this endeavor will play a crucial role in enhancing your company's credibility and reach.

Monitoring Customer Reviews and Responding to Negative Feedback

As crucial as it is to promote positive testimonials, it's equally important to monitor customer reviews and address any negative feedback that arises.

Regularly checking platforms like Google Reviews, Yelp, or industry-specific review sites can help keep a pulse on customer satisfaction and identify areas for potential improvement.

Responding to negative feedback can be challenging but is essential in maintaining your company's reputation. 

Start by acknowledging the customer's experience and expressing empathy for any inconvenience they may have faced. Apologize if necessary, and assure them that their feedback is valued and will be used to improve our services.

Promptly address any issues raised and communicate any corrective actions taken to the customer directly. This shows our commitment to customer satisfaction and our willingness to rectify any mistakes. 

Negative feedback, while uncomfortable at times, can present opportunities for growth and improvement. By addressing these issues head-on, you can turn a potentially negative situation into a demonstration of your company's dedication to quality service and customer care.


Customer testimonials serve as a powerful marketing tool for your roofing business, providing social proof and enhancing your credibility. 

To create compelling testimonial-based content, focus on customer stories that highlight the challenges they faced, the solutions you provided, and the benefits they reaped. 

Enrich your blog with educational content to position yourself as a leading authority in the industry. Ensuring your testimonials are detailed, benefit-oriented, authentic, and updated regularly adds to their effectiveness. 

Remember to avoid generic or overly salesy testimonials, as they may not convincingly showcase your service value. 

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