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Break the Cycle - Create Your Own Economy

Posted on October 30, 2019 | Theresa Bassett

Tony Robbins, international coach and speaker, mentor to leaders all over the world is one of my favorites. One of the most memorable quotes he spoke at an event I attended was the following: “It is never a lack of resources that stops you from moving forward, it is a lack of resourcefulness.”

For me as a business owner, as a leader, as a visionary, that was a life-altering assertion. I frequently found myself being full of vim and vigor, pinpointing clear initiatives and objectives, but feeling stalled in my own juices by the perception that I didn’t have the time, energy, money, or knowledge I needed to proceed. This statement, however, flips the script on that stewing entirely.

The onus for responsibility is immediately shifted inward if you buy into this thought. No longer is my momentum, my business the victim of circumstances OF ANY KIND, but instead I am plopped squarely in the driver’s seat of my own destiny. Resourcefulness? That is all on us.

If we turn on the news at any given moment, we are immediately served up all the reasons to be discouraged - unemployment may be up, interest rates may be following, the economy may be down. I recognized long ago however, when contemplating this Tony Robbins quote that if I didn’t turn on the news that day, I would be left to interpret the state of the world through the lenses of my own perception out my doorstep instead. Focusing on what is happening across the country, across the world, even across the state may put me in a dis-empowered state - left only to focus on general trends and perceptions rather than my own information-gathering.

What if the state of the economy and our perception of it, was instead driven by our internal state of responsibility - our own resourcefulness rather than perception handed to us through global news goggles? What if we deeply understood our rights and response-ability and truly owned the “state of the union” for better or for worse?

Creating your own economy, therefore, means turning inward to the immediate resources that are at hand RIGHT NOW and asking ourselves the all-powerful question: what can I do with this? What is it that your team, your business could serve up to the world in better service to your clients right now? What skills, talents, ideas do you or team possess that are being underutilized or just plain ignored?

Break the cycle and move into an entirely different space immediately by asking a new set of questions.

We just helped a company do just that by asking themselves internally how they could help their own reps succeed better - they reached inward and discovered they had resources that could be repackaged, re-branded, and re energized. In a short period of time, they created unseen momentum across their corporate landscape that is making for record-setting sales and emotional lift across the landscape of morale. It’s all just energy...how are you managing yours?

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