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Dentist SEO: 20 Best Ranking Dental Websites in 2020

Posted on June 6, 2020 | Kelley Bassett

When you spend thousands of hours a year working on something, every once in a while it can be good to stop and take a look at the landscape. We've decided to do just that for Dentist SEO.

Here at The Diamond Group, we devote thousands of hours a year to dentists working on their websites, branding, and SEO. We study the keywords, stare longingly at keyword difficulty scores and scour the SERPs for opportunities. It's this devotion to the work that keeps us listed as a top dental marketing company.

For this blog, we thought it would be interesting to look at the total landscape of dentists doing SEO work, and see if we could locate the websites that were over performing. The Tom Brady's of dental SEO.

We also wanted to do this SEO research to help answer questions we get at The Diamond Group from dentists. Questions like:

  • Why is this website ranking over mine?
  • What are they doing better than we are?
  • How much content do I need to have to rank at the top?
  • What is the true value of dentist SEO?


Dentist SEO Value Increases With Market Size

We started the process by looking at individual markets. Our assumption was that the bigger the market the higher the value of the SEO work would be. The larger market would have exponentially more people, and so the SEO value of reaching that group would be higher. In particular the value of local SEO would be incredibly high. This assumption proved to be mostly true.

The bigger markets like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles are represented well in our Top 20. Surprisingly though the #1 dentist for SEO value is not in New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles. They are in Philadelphia. 

As you round out our Top 20, you'll see that many of these dentists aren't in major markets at all. Columbus Ohio, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Charlotte North Carolina all made it on our list.

Before we dive into the results and reveal the winners, we'd like to explain a couple of the control factors that we used.


Website Organic Traffic Value

The organic traffic value of a website is the equivalent monthly cost of traffic from all of the keywords that the website currently ranks for if you were to go out and buy those keywords via PPC instead of ranking for them organically.

To calculate a particular website's organic traffic value, we use SEMRush - a website analysis tool. Read more about SEMRush and how they calculate website traffic value here.

Website-SEO Organic Traffic Value

Data Exclusions

Website data will fluctuate over time. These are what the numbers were when we pulled the research for this article. We excluded directory sites and aggregator sites from our listings because they are not actually dentists websites. We also excluded dentists whose offices span multiple markets and states. We excluded these dentists because those websites are an apples to oranges comparison. We can safely report that the very large dentists operating dozens of locations across multiple states are doing just fine with SEO. This report is about the local dentist. The dentist that might have a few offices in his area or region and is competing with other local dentists.


Why Dental Websites?

Dentists operate in a highly competitive environment, and it can seem like there are more dentists than there are people needing their teeth fixed. So, every city has dozens of dentists strategizing on how to get noticed and stand out from the other dentists. The dentists listed here have managed to climb to the top of Google's SERP (search engine results page) once you exclude the paid advertisements and directory websites. 

We also wanted to look at dentists websites because that is our passion at The Diamond Group. This research gives our agency a ton of valuable data that we can use to assess our current SEO work, and to discover new SEO strategies and tactics that are working for others.

SEO Strategy Session


Dentist SEO: 20 Highest Ranking Dental Websites in the USA

Best Ranking Dental Websites

#20 - Laster Orthodontics - Raleigh

Laster Orthodontics has three locations in Raleigh North Carolina. They want you to enjoy your orthodontic treatment journey from the moment you step in the office. When you choose Laster Orthodontics, you become part of the family for life.Best Dentist SEO Raleigh North Carolina

Website: LasterOrtho.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 7,600/month
Organic Traffic Value: $29,100/month
Website Pages: 74
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 231
Top Organic Keyword: Crowded Teeth



Best Ranking Dental Website_20

#19 - Williams and Daily Dental - Raleigh

Dr. Williams and Dr. Daily offer the most technologically advanced treatments available in dentistry. They have combined technology and advanced dental training with clinical experience that allows them to provide exceptional dental care with confidence.

Dentist SEO Results Raleigh North Carolina

Website: WilliamsandDaily.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 9,800/month
Organic Traffic Value: $31,100/month
Website Pages: 60
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 202
Top Organic Keyword: Tooth Crown Pain


Best Ranking Dental Website - 19

#18 - Max Arocha, DMD - Miami

Max Arocha DMD is a prolific innovator and awarded U.S. and international patents in the field of injectable methods of anesthesia. The dentist office is certified in twilight sedation and general anesthesia. In 2020, the website has lost half it's keyword rankings and 75% of it's Top 3 keywords. Even with that rough start to 2020, they've slid in at #20 in our dentist SEO countdown.

Dentist SEO Results Miami FloridaWebsite: DrARocha.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 9,500/month
Organic Traffic Value: $33,400/month
Website Pages: 57
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 134
Top Organic Keyword: All on 4 Dental Implants Cost Near Me


Best Ranking Dental Website - 18

#17 - Premier Dental of Ohio - Columbus

Premier Dental of Ohio is your one-stop for all dental, oral hygiene, teeth whitening and Invisalign needs. Their offices are located in Columbus Ohio and the Dayton Ohio area. 

Dentist SEO Results Columbus Ohio

Website: PremierDentalOhio.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 14,800/month
Organic Traffic Value: $44,300/month
Website Pages: 183
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 280
Top Organic Keyword: Canker Sore


Best Ranking Dental Website - 17

#16 - Friendly Dental Group - Charlotte

One of the largest and fastest-growing dental practices in Charlotte North Carolina, The Friendly Dental Group is committed to providing patients with affordable and high-quality dental care with a smile. Keyword rankings for the website peaked in February 2020, and have declined 30% since that date. 

Dentist SEO Results Charlotte North CarolinaWebsite: FriendlyDentalGroup.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 11,600/month
Organic Traffic Value: $47,200/month
Website Pages: 197
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 160
Top Organic Keyword: Friendly Dental


Best Ranking Dental Website - 16

#15 - Village Dental - Raleigh

Village Dental operates three dental practices in Raleigh North Carolina. They provide a state-of-the-art facility and the highest quality dental care. Interestingly, this is the dentist that ranks for the fewest number of Top 3 keywords on our list. The traffic value is so high because people are searching for them by brand name. The top 5 organic keyword searches for the practice are brand name searches.

Dental SEO Results Raleigh North CarolinaWebsite: VillageDentalRaleigh.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 8,000/month
Organic Traffic Value: $52,100/month
Website Pages: 73
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 44
Top Organic Keyword: Village Dental


Best Ranking Dental Website - 15

#14 - Downtown Dental - Chicago

Modern dentistry in the heart of Chicago. For nearly twenty years, Downtown Dental has been providing personalized, comprehensive dentistry to Chicagoans in the Loop. The practices are among the largest dental offices in Chicago, featuring beautiful, relaxing views of the city. Downtown Dental is a well known brand in Chicago, and 4 of the Top 5 ranking keywords are brand name searches.

Dental SEO Results Chicago Illinois

Website: DowntownDental.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 13,000/month
Organic Traffic Value: $55,600/month
Website Pages: 89
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 55
Top Organic Keyword: Downtown Dental


Best Ranking Dental Website - 14

#13 - Night and Day Dental - Raleigh

Not your traditional dentists. Night and Day Dental strives to make dental care more accessible, affordable, and enjoyable. Open late, so you don't have to wait! The dentists have seven practices covering Charlotte and Raleigh North Carolina. They are heavy investors in radio advertising. Their top 5 search queries are brand name searches.

Dental SEO Results Charlotte_North Carolina

Website: NightAndDayDental.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 10,000/month
Organic Traffic Value: $59,000/month
Website Pages: 33
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 124
Top Organic Keyword: Night And Day Dental


Best Ranking Dental Website - 13

#12 - McFadden Dental Implant Center - Dallas

Dr. McFadden is double board-certified in prosthodontics and implantology – a distinction held by less than 20 dentists in the United States. The Dental Implant Center specializes in dental, implant and restoration services as well as advanced dental procedures and dental prosthetics. The Dallas Texas practice provides a deep website that has helped patients and added enhanced SEO value.

Dental SEO Results Dallas Texas

Website: DentalImplantCenter.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 21,500/month
Organic Traffic Value: $64,600/month
Website Pages: 102
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 431
Top Organic Keyword: Denture Implants



Best Ranking Dental Website - 11

#11 - Harmony Dental - Portland

Harmony Dental is in Beaverton Oregon, just outside Portland. They believe strongly in family, integrity, and health. As a full-service dental office they take care of everything a patient needs under on practice umbrella. This includes Invisalign, dental implants, root canals, and general dentistry. The website has been on a tear in 2020, doubling it's number of keywords ranking and gaining 400% of keywords in the coveted Top 3 slots.

Dental SEO Results in Portland Oregon

Website: HarmonyDentalBeaverton.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 22,200/month
Organic Traffic Value: $68,000/month
Website Pages: 49
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 363
Top Organic Keyword: Dentist Without Insurance


Best Ranking Dental Website - 12

#10 - 1st Family Dental - Chicago

1st Family Dental in Chicago was founded with a simple and yet profound vision: People of all ages deserve excellent and affordable dental healthcare, whether or not they have dental insurance. The Chicago dentists have an exceptionally robust website with 410 pages of content that helps them rank for 540 Top 3 keywords.

Dental SEO Results in Chicago

Website: 1stFamilyDental.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 21,000/month
Organic Traffic Value: $70,500/month
Website Pages: 410
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 540
Top Organic Keyword: First Family Dental


Best Ranking Dental Website - 11

#9 - Dallas Laser Dentistry - Dallas

Dallas Laser Dentistry wants to help patients get over their fear of going to the dentist with a soothing environment and optional sedation dentistry. Each operatory has a view of North Dallas from eight stories high. Plus, with heated massage pads in each chair, eclectic music, warm scented towels, aromatherapy, and educational videos making the time pass comfortably, you may think you’re in a spa. 

Dental SEO Results in Dallas Texas

Website: DallasCosmeticDentist.us
Estimated Website Traffic: 17,100/month
Organic Traffic Value: $72,600/month
Website Pages: 242
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 165
Top Organic Keyword: Veneers Before and After


Best Ranking Dental Website - 9_

#8 - 209 NYC Dental - New York City

209 NYC Dental is the oldest continuing dental practice in New York State. Established in 1887 the multi-generational dental office has been providing quality dental care to New York City patients for over a century. This is the first dental website on our list to generate the highest volume of traffic from a one-word keyword.Dental SEO Results in New York City

Website: 209NYCDental.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 19,700/month
Organic Traffic Value: $78,400/month
Website Pages: 92
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 293
Top Organic Keyword: Underbite


Best Ranking Dental Website - 8

#7 - Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics - Sacramento

Voted the top dentist in Sacramento, Kids Care Dental is fanatical about creating a lifetime of happy smiles. They believe that when kids enjoy the dentist, healthy teeth and gums will follow. Dental SEO Results in Sacramento California

Website: KidsCareDental.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 12,900/month
Organic Traffic Value: $87,300/month
Website Pages: 122
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 188
Top Organic Keyword: Kids Care Dental



Best Ranking Dental Website - 7 copy

#6 - West Coast Dental - Los Angeles

Comfortable practices full of caring professionals. That's what you'll find at West Coast Dental in Los Angeles California. They take great strides to make the practice calm and comfortable. From color, to layout, they've tried to think of everything to help you relax. This is our final spot on the list where the SEO value is under $100,000.Dental SEO Results in Los Angeles California

Website: WestCoastDental.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 14,200/month
Organic Traffic Value: $99,700/month
Website Pages: 82
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 226
Top Organic Keyword: West Coast Dental



Best Ranking Dental Website - 6

#5 - The Smile Center Family Dentistry - San Antonio

The Smile Center operates nine dental offices in San Antonio Texas. They provide top-notch general, cosmetic and emergency dental services at all of their dental offices. The practice ranks for the 2nd lowest number of keywords, but they get a lot of power from the ones they do rank for. "Dentist near me" is their top keyword and it drives 20% of the website traffic. Dental SEO Results in San Antonio Texas

Website: TheSmileCenterUSA.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 17,900/month
Organic Traffic Value: $105,700/month
Website Pages: 81
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 78
Top Organic Keyword: Dentist Near Me



Best Ranking Dental Website - 5

#4 - Forest Park Dental - St. Louis

Forest Park Dental has provided exceptional dental care for patients in St. Louis Missouri since 1986. The practice takes great satisfaction in helping patients achieve and maintain optimum oral health. Dental SEO Results in St Louis Missouri

Website: ForestParkDental.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 34,500/month
Organic Traffic Value: $114,200/month
Website Pages: 138
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 318
Top Organic Keyword: Veneers


Best Ranking Dental Website - 4

#3 - Kate Brayman, DDS - New York City

Kate Brayman, DDS is your cosmetic dentist in NYC. Located in Greenwich Village, Dr. Brayman brings passion and artistry into the dentistry field. She believes that each patient has individual needs and should be treated as unique patients. The web site only has 52 pages (2nd smallest on our list) but those pages perform very well for high volume search terms.Dental SEO Results in NYC

Website: KateBraymanDDS.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 39,300/month
Organic Traffic Value: $117,400/month
Website Pages: 52
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 291
Top Organic Keyword: Veneers



Best Ranking Dental Website - 3

#2 - Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics - Miami

Ocean Breeze Prosthodontics prides itself in providing superior dental care in the most comfortable fashion. This translates into a spa-like atmosphere, in which soothing sounds, pleasant smells and calming sights make your visit to the office a breeze. The website has been riding a wave of Momentum in 2020 as they have seen a 4X growth in Top 3 ranking results.Dental SEO Results in Miami Florida

Website: DelrayDentalWellnesscom
Estimated Website Traffic: 41,300/month
Organic Traffic Value: $133,500/month
Website Pages: 90
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 447
Top Organic Keyword: How Much Does a Crown Cost?



Best Ranking Dental Website - 1

#1 - Orthodontics Limited - Philadelphia

The top orthodontist for braces and Invisalign in the Philadelphia area, is also our #1 best ranking dental website for dentist SEO. The website is massive. At 515 pages, the web site dwarfs every other site on the list. Interesting to note that 20% of the traffic is coming from one keyword - overbite. 
Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 5.12.53 PM

Website: OrthodonticsLimited.com
Estimated Website Traffic: 114,300/month
Organic Traffic Value: $573,900/month
Website Pages: 515
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 1,963
Top Organic Keyword: How Much Does a Crown Cost?


What is the Secret SEO Formula?

Looking at the twenty best-ranking dentist websites, we found some interesting facts that are in common with all best-ranking dental websites. To get on this list your website should average out to a model that looks something like this: 

Estimated Website Traffic: 23,120/month
Organic Traffic Value: $97,005/month
Website Pages: 136
Number of Keywords in Top 3: 319

If you were starting a website from scratch in 2020 you would have to publish 11 pages per month. It's doable, absolutely. However it requires dental marketing agency level resources and a proper content map and publishing strategy.

Scale your dental practice with the Ultimate Dental Marketing Guide

Where Does Your Website Stand?

Want to learn where your website stands? Connect with us and mention this report.  We'll email you a detailed ranking report for your website. 

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