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New Website Creates 131% Growth in 90 Days

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Project Overview

Industry: Orthodontist

Laster Orthodontics had an existing WordPress website that served the practice well in its inception, but it had been awhile since a website redesign had occurred.

The extended time between updates was a dragging force on the practice’s digital presence.

One of the biggest complaints was that the existing WordPress website was slow. Mobile usage was also a concern as the website was not mobile-friendly.

The website also wasn’t performing well in search results.

Value Added: Moved from outdated and slow website to new, super fast website, ranked for 8,000 keywords.


Social Media Was a Key Part of Their Digital Marketing Strategy

We focused on creating high-quality content that would be of interest to their target audience. We also ran targeted social media ads to increase their reach.
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Building a beautiful orthodontist website was just the beginning.

They wanted to see increased organic traffic, on a website that fully represented the brand, with a digital marketing backbone they could count on.
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Orthodontist Case Study

Our old website was so slow and this new website is ridiculously fast - we love it! We have more visitors to the website and more new patients than we ever thought possible. We need to hire more people to handle all the new business.

~ Sara 

How We Created the Perfect Orthodontist Website And Exponential Growth

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The Challenge

During our discovery phase, a marketing and technical audit of the orthodontist’s existing website was performed. From the audit, we were able to confirm many of the issues the orthodontist was experiencing and identify many of the root causes.

Here are some of the items we discovered:

  • Unsupported WordPress Theme
  • No SSL Certificate
  • 29.6 Second Load Time (ouch)
  • Not Mobile-Friendly
  • Missing Personas

Low Website Performance


The website took almost 10 seconds to load and received a performance score of just 9 out of 30.

The Approach

After our digital audit and website evaluation, we proposed a two phase growth-driven design solution. We would solve the big problems (load speed, technical errors) in phase one, and then work on the brand messaging and SEO in phase two.


Phase 1: Migrate the Website to HubSpot from WordPress

The website migration to HubSpot CMS not only improved website speed but fixed a number of other issues:

Secured by an SSL certificate the website was no longer exposed to security vulnerabilities The website was now mobile-friendly

It came packed with other HubSpot features like SEO, blogging, and pillar content planning
The results of the migration alone were impressive and delivered some much needed quick wins for the orthodontist. We were all celebrating our successes and excited for Phase 2 of the project.

We were able to take the website from 10 seconds to load to under 3 seconds just by changing the CMS.

Phase 2: Custom Website Design

Making a website is a lot like renovating a house. You have to decide what stays, what goes, and what needs to be updated. And, just like with a house, it's important to consult with the experts before you make any decisions.

Their website was built on WordPress, which can be a great platform for certain types of websites. However, WordPress can also be very slow and cumbersome, especially for sites that are heavy on visuals like this one. In addition, their site wasn't mobile-friendly, which is increasingly important as more and more people use their phones to browse the web. Finally, their overall design was outdated and didn't reflect the company's brand or values. 

In short, their website needed an overhaul. So that's exactly what we did. 


custom dental website before and after (2)


The Solution: A New HubSpot Website That Is Fast, Mobile-Friendly, and Reflective of Their Brand 

The Solution

We started by designing a new website that would be fast, organized, and easy to navigate—a huge improvement over their old WordPress site. We also made sure that the new site was mobile-friendly, since that is increasingly important for both users and search engines. Finally, we designed the new site to reflect the company's brand and values. The end result is a website that looks great and functions even better. 

In addition to the new design, we also migrated the site to HubSpot so that we could take advantage of HubSpot's powerful tools and features. HubSpot offers much more than just a CMS; it's an all-in-one platform that includes everything you need to grow your business online. With HubSpot's tools, we were able to automate many of the tasks that previously had to be done manually (such as blog postings and social media updates). This freed up our team's time so that we could focus on other projects—like driving traffic to the new site! 


dental marketing case study results


Orthodontist SEO Results

The Results: A 131% Increase in Traffic in Just 90 Days. And then things got crazy and we hit 20,000 visitors per month with ZERO paid traffic. We were ranking 18,000 keywords!



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