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Expanding The Brand of a Successful Hospital

Our case studies will give you an in-depth look at how we’ve helped our clients improve the way they reach and communicate with their audiences.
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Project Overview

Industry: Healthcare

The availability of hospital beds, high costs of healthcare and access to skilled professionals have long been a challenge for families and individuals struggling with mental health conditions. Jonas Hill Hospital & Clinic, a UNC Health Hospital and a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital sought to fill this healthcare gap by combining an inpatient hospital unit with outpatient treatment and education in the same facility.

Jonas Hill asked The Diamond Group to develop a brand that would bring this community-minded spirit of generosity, hope, health and healing in a beautiful environment to life.

Value Added: Logo design, WordPress website, Brand Development


Social Media Was a Key Part of Their Digital Marketing Strategy

We focused on creating high-quality content that would be of interest to their target audience. We also ran targeted social media ads to increase their reach.
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Facebook Post: Grand Opening
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Facebook Post: Did You Know

Building a beautiful logo for the hospital was just the beginning.

Our task was to create a new logo for the facility along with marketing materials to support their initiatives, including a new website, social media, and advertising.
Hospital Web Design Case Study
Hospital Print Design
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We are blown away by the quality of marketing work your team is providing. The logo, the designs, the website - it has all turned out better than we could have imagined. Thank you from all of us.

~ Jonas Hill 

How We Brought a Hospital Brand To Life: Going from Vague Idea to Reality.

To bring a brand to life with a modern look and feel and a website that patients (and Google) adore required the following services:

Momentum System


Website Design Icon

Web Design

Use Social Media

Social Media

The Challenge

UNC Health is the largest healthcare organization in North Carolina. Caldwell Memorial Hospital is UNC Health Hospital. Both entities were excited to fill a need in the community for a compassionate, safe, and healthy-healing environment to life. Jonas Hill Hospital & Clinic sits adjacent to Caldwell Memorial Hospital, and it needed a brand created that respected it's relationship with Caldwell Memorial and UNC Health, but also allowed it to stand on its own in the community. The UNC Health brand guidelines were to be the foundation of the brand, but how we saw the brands potential was entirely in our hands.


Jonas Hill Hospital Logo Design


Jonas Hill Hospital and Clinic is a behavioral health facility in Lenoir, NC. It is a unit of UNC Caldwell and follows the UNC brand guidelines in terms of color palette, typography, and image style.

The Approach

When building a brand it is important to understand the desires and mindset of your client, or in this case, patient. What are they feeling and thinking at the time they interact with you or your brand materials? What is their emotional state and how will your messages impact them? Our goal was to build a user experience from beginning to end that respected the patient and treated them with dignity no matter where they were in the process of finding help for themselves or a family member.

The purpose of the website is to build trust, provide important information, and serve as an initial point of contact for patients, families, and/or referring medical staff. The website needed to strike a balance between providing all the information they may need and not becoming overly complex to navigate or understand.

The message throughout the brand materials needs to be jargon-free and compassionate. Our marketing plan includes producing content for social media and articles for the website to drive traffic and build awareness for the new facility.

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 6.00.52 PM


Pocket folders were a to present patient information in a clean and organized manner and get them in touch with the brand. 

The Results

Through a series of interviews with stakeholders we discovered that patients were looking for a mental health hospital that encouraged interaction between staff and patients during inpatient stays. Whether an individual is in crisis or wants to improve their skills to manage everyday life. With this discovery, we were able to establish the hospitals core values and beliefs:

That the balance between safety and therapeutic, dignified care is the top priority
The patient and their loved ones are at the heart of every decision and action we take.
We are empathetic providers of comprehensive, therapeutic, and whole-person healing.
Respecting the importance of the healthcare team, and promoting their wellbeing.
A commitment to financial stewardship

A vibrant color palette was selected to communicate optimism and abundant health. The accent colors are to be used in concert with the primary blue colors of the UNC Health brand. 


UNC Health color palette


This discovery of patient desires, and distillation of the brand pillars led to the development of a positioning statement that succinctly communicates their brand promise to all who hear about the hospital.

You are heard here.

With the brands position firmly in place, The Diamond Group created a comprehensive branding strategy encompassing logo design, website, social media, and Facebook advertising to create brand awareness and firmly define their promise to patients, referring physicians and the general public.


Jonas Hill Hospital Web Design-1

JOHI-2020-05Social-FB cover photo


The brand, and the website have been a smashing success welcoming hundreds of patients and thousands of visitors each month.

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