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Jonas Hill Hospital & Clinic

The Diamond Group Provided:
 Custom WordPress Website
 Brand Development (Look/Feel)
 Logo Design
 Persona Development
 User Experience Mapping
 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
 Marketing Strategy

Client Background

The availability of hospital beds, high costs of healthcare and access to skilled professionals have long been a challenge for families and individuals struggling with mental health conditions. Jonas Hill Hospital & Clinic, a UNC Health Hospital and a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital sought to fill this healthcare gap by combining an inpatient hospital unit with outpatient treatment and education in the same facility.

Jonas Hill Hospital asked The Diamond Group to develop a brand that would bring this community-minded spirit of generosity, hope, health and healing in a beautiful environment to life.

Jonas Hill Hospital Marketing Case Study
Jonas Hill Hospital and Clinic is a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital located on the same campus in Lenoir, North Carolina specializing in the treatment and care of patients with mental health conditions.