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Healthcare SEO for Hospitals and Specialists

77% of patients start their search for a healthcare facility at a search engine. Healthcare SEO helps you appear near the top of search engines (like Google) and dramatically boosts your facilities profile and visibility.

Why SEO for Healthcare

Whether you're looking to grow your patient counts or increase the number of procedures taking place in your hospital or practice, SEO for healthcare is the best and most cost-effective method.

If you're not on page one of Google, you're missing out on nearly every prospective new patient.

High risk or expensive surgeries or treatments are often the most searched medical phrases. Search engine optimization (SEO) is how we get your pages to the top of page one without paying for ad space.

SEO involves identifying which keywords and phrases your target audience uses when looking for a healthcare organization like yours, then working towards ranking well for those searches.

Implementing strong, quality SEO on a healthcare website is always going to be beneficial to the brand and its long-term marketing efforts.

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Our most popular ebook will help you identify who your ideal customers are, and teach you how to optimize your messages to draw them in.

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Let's grow your dream together.

We’ll help you:

Get Discovered

Be Discovered Online

SEO will lead new patients to discover your website. By optimizing the website keywords, search engines will show new patients your most relevant pages. SEO optimized pages are more likely to be found by new patients seeking treatment.

Optimize Your Website

Optimize Your Website

Patients expect your website to be optimized for them. What's good for the patient is good for SEO. We'll organize and thoughtfully design your website to keep visitors longer. More page views means happier patients.

Attract New Patients

Attract New Patients

New patient appointments is the natural result of the excellent SEO work we provide. You'll rank near the top for all of the keywords that matter most to patients and the bottom line results will be real and memorable. 

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What to expect (the short list)

If the thought of SEO makes you sweat, don't worry. You will appreciate our thorough, transparent process. We provide a dashboard that makes sure you're always in the know. And when new patients keep finding you online, we promise you'll wonder where SEO has been all your life.


To hit your business goals, we have to know where you stand. We do discovery and create an in-depth analysis of your website and digital footprint before we start any healthcare campaigns. This will help us map out areas for improvement and uncover the amount of work needed to hit the goals.

Our analysis will look at keywords you currently rank for, your domain authority, and trust score. We also perform keyword research to identify the search terms you have the best chance of ranking for.

SEO for Healthcare


Using our SEO analysis, we build a custom marketing strategy to improve the websites performance. Our marketing plan includes action steps, and a timeline along with resources we'll need to help you attract the most new patients. 

Strategic Road Map


When our healthcare SEO strategy is ready to go, we launch! Your Account Director will actively work alongside you and your facility, actively collaborating with staff SEO strategists to ensure your SEO campaign is getting the business results desired and hitting the goals.

Launch Your SEO Strategy

Healthcare marketing + SEO is unbeatable

Gain visibility be found online

Gain visibility

Be found online for popular search terms like surgeon near me, urgent care, doctor near me, etc.

beat the other dentists

Beat the competition

Out-rank the other healthcare organizations who will be trying to figure out how you get so much traffic from Google.

grow the business

Grow the business

Attracting new patients is the reason to do healthcare SEO. More new patients will help you grow the business to the perfect size.

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Success Stories

Laster Orthodontics

Data forms the backbone of all our decision making. Everything we do is tested, improved and tested again and again. All the data we need is in HubSpot.

A note from a client

Healthcare SEO Testimonials

Great group to work with! Very professional videos, blogs, and pictures for our website and social media. Keeps all sites up to date. Holds weekly meetings to ensure all our needs are met!

~ Prime Surgical Suites

Clarity is King

Clarity is King.