Inbound Marketing Retainers

Inbound marketing is at the heart of everything we do at The Diamond Group. Why?

Inbound marketing allows you to build a relationship with your ideal prospects no matter what device they use to connect with you.

Inbound marketing unifies everything from your content marketing, to your search engine optimization (SEO), to conversion rate optimization — and everything in between — to attract your ideal prospects and provide personalized, helpful, and contextual nurturing for your leads.


Inbound Marketing Flywheel

Today's digital buyer is smarter and more savvy than ever. Prospects won't believe you when you declare that your company is "the best". Today's prospects want tangible proof, and will research on your company long before they call you. In fact 80% of a buyers decision is made BEFORE they even reach out to you. This makes it necessary to make a connection with them before you ever talk to them.

So if you want to land your dream clients you must get into their heads with videos, ebooks, blogs and social media long before they are ready to make a buying decision. 

How does inbound marketing work?

If you've ever been to a website and provided your contact information (name, email address, or phone number) in exchange for a free piece of content then you have already experienced the early stages of inbound marketing. This 1st phase of inbound is where you receive high-quality helpful content, and in exchange the other party gets your permission to communicate with you online.

Of course you won't be the only business doing inbound marketing, and your prospects are already having their inboxes filled with information from your competition. This is why the quality and helpfulness of your content is incredibly important.

Weak content will get weak results. Engaging and helpful content will get great results. It's really as simple as that. 


Content is where we shine

We create high-quality content that educates your prospects on the burning questions that they search the internet to find answers for. We create original content that is not just beautiful to look at, but also purposeful. The content is relevant to the prospect and will help them at every stage of the buyers journey. Prospects that reach out to you after downloading this content are highly likely to become your customers because they have already bought into the value of working with you. 


Inbound marketing works like compound interest

When you work on designing inbound marketing campaigns and then analyze the data you start to see some patterns. One of the most fun patterns you start to recognize is that sooner or later you will take big leaps over your competition that seemed impossible when you started. You will rank on page one for keywords that were once only on your dream list. You will hit traffic numbers that your will cause your competitors to blush.

One of the best analogies we can think of is compound interest.

Compound interest is essentially when your interest starts earning you interest. 

You earn compound interest because you start investing (slowly) and continue to add to that investment over time. Initially compound interest is pretty simple. You might make a buck or two per month. But as you continue to invest small sums the payout gets bigger and bigger every month.

Eventually compound interest grows so much that it can support your entire life. This is called retirement.

Inbound marketing campaigns work in the same way as they give you compounding power over time. The more you invest in them in creating content, the more website traffic you will create, and the bigger your contact list will grow. This means even more resources for your sales team who will be able to close more deals. All this new revenue will grow your company into a powerful force.

When your competitors catch on to what you are doing they might try to catch up with you by starting their own inbound marketing campaign. Too bad for them, because just like in compound interest every year matters and it is infinitely harder to catch up.


Here are some of the incredible results our clients have seen from our inbound marketing campaigns:

  • 400% sustained increase in website traffic for a dental practice
  • 128% increase in traffic for an orthodontist including 86 new patient leads in first 90 days
  • 173% increase in marketing qualified leads for a regional roofing company
  • 575% increase in keyword searches ranking on Google page one for a medical services provider
  • 1,880% increase in inbound leads from website for a private jet charter company


What does working with The Diamond Group involve?

We work with clients on an annual retainer basis. This creates a monthly program of work focused on attracting, engaging and delighting prospects to entice them to become customers. The goal of our inbound marketing program is to create a profitable online relationship with your best prospects. Here's how we execute on that vision:

  • Creating content – website pages, blog articles, landing pages, and premium content such as ebooks or infographics.
  • Promoting content – we use traditional social media, paid social media and where appropriate, we build in budget for PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.
  • Lead nurturing – batch emails, single-use emails, and automated campaign workflows.
  • Data tracking – we use data to benchmark, to goal set and to recognize our victories.


A typical inbound marketing retainer would include:

  • Inbound marketing analysis, strategy, and planning.
  • Content calendar creation and implementation.
  • 2x/month helpful blog content.
  • 3x/week social media publishing.
  • 1x/month group email campaign production.
  • 3x produce and publish pillar content.
  • Monthly reporting on key inbound marketing performance metrics.
  • Scheduled weekly meetings to review and discuss the work.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Dedicated Project Management System.
  • Monthly sponsored social media budget.


There is no "one size fits all" model

We custom tailor solutions for clients because every client is different. The scope of work that will perform best for your individual needs should reflect that.

For example, email marketing might be a great strategy for an established businesses with a large amount of contacts but a terrible strategy for a young company just finding its way. A young company might need PPC or social media campaigns to get the word out.

Though customization and tailored solutions are important there are two items that every Diamond Group client need. First they need a strategic marketing plan. Without a master marketing plan, clients are wandering in the wilderness executing on marketing tactics without any idea of their success to the master plan.

Secondly every client needs content. Some clients need more help than others in creating the content, but every client needs ongoing content to light up every corner of their marketing plan. Our inbound marketing retainers focus on creating original, relevant, and conversion friendly content that gives sales a lift.


Accountability is baked in to the plan

As you are shopping for the perfect marketing agency, you are bound to run across companies that will promise you the stars and the moon and this might make you a bit curious about who you can trust - especially if you've had a bad experience in the past. 

We have accountability baked into our plan. Clients who partner with us will have a weekly, and monthly call plus a quarterly meeting to talk about results and their satisfaction with the agency. 

Are you ready to start earning compound interest?

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